Jacqueline Le

Jacqueline Le

Jacqueline Le began her experience at UC San Diego in 2013 as a Chancellor’s Associates scholar. A first-generation college student, Le is emphatic that her award made it possible for her to select UC San Diego. Without her scholarship, Le faced the prospect of heavy loans and long hours working off campus.

The scholarship has allowed Le to live on campus, an important part of the transition to independence that defines the college experience for many. The second year Public Health major has been able to intern at Professor Reuben Abagyan’s lab and has joined two clubs, the Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) and Asian and Pacific- Islander Student Alliance (APSA) Community Learning and Empowerment Academic Program (LEAP).

“Without the Chancellor's Associates Scholarship, I would not have had the opportunity to learn about what I am passionate about,” said Le. “Thanks to your financial assistance and generosity, I was able to concentrate more of my time for studying and discovering myself, rather than having to work part-time instead.”

After graduation, Le hopes to join the Peace Corps, serving wherever there is the greatest need. She is considering a minor in Global Health, as she is drawn both to the variety of disciplines involved and the opportunity to have a major impact on societies around the world.

“The Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship is also a source of encouragement for me,” said Le. “There were many moments where I wanted to give up, but I remembered that I have many people, including Chancellor’s Associates donors, who are cheering me on and believe I can accomplish my dreams.”

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