Message from the Chair


“Ability is random — access is not.” It’s a phrase I take to heart, and it’s the principal motivation for all that I hope Chancellor’s Associates will achieve in the coming academic year.

To date, we’ve awarded scholarships to more than 500 deserving, motivated learners. Our investments have changed their lives and will shape the future for generations to come. As we look toward realizing Chancellor Khosla’s noteworthy goal of ultimately having at least 800 Chancellor’s Associates Scholars on the UC San Diego campus, we reaffirm our commitment to cultivating breakthroughs and supporting tomorrow’s innovators and leaders.

The Silberman Inspiration Challenge ensures that we’re primed not only to bring in new Chancellor’s Associates donors, but also to make a dollar-for-dollar match of contributions from you, our active game-changers. With your continued generous support, we will have our most successful year yet.

Let’s level the playing field like never before!

My best,
Sandy Timmons ’81

Chancellor's Associates Past Chairs

Linda Masters 2015-2017
Nadine Corrigan ’78 2013-2015
Wayne Dernetz 2011-2013
Mitchell and Deborah Friedlaender, M.P.I.A. ’90 2008-2011
Sheldon Engelhorn '72 2006-2008
Alex Butterfield 2005-2006
Steve Schreiner '80 2004-2005
Richard Hertzberg 2001-2004
Darlene Shiley 1999-2001
Harold Agnew 1997-1999
William Beamer 1995-1997
Buzz Woolley, Jr. 1993-1995
Dixie Unruh 1991-1993
Murray Galinson 1988-1991
Dean Dunphy 1986-1988
George Gildred 1984-1986
Clayton Brace 1982-1984
Lawrence Cox 1979-1982
Walter Zable 1977-1979
Frank Hope, Jr. 1969-1977